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Sound therapy with gongs and singing bowls

Session with up to eight resonant gongs, crystal singing bowls and other instruments to improve emotional and physical well-being. The soothing sounds of gongs and singing bowls are very powerful for relieving stress, for relaxation, and fatigue, along with many other conditions in our busy lives, which can often lead to the lack of balance and harmony in the body. The vibrations eliminate tension, stimulate the glandular and circulatory systems, and regenerate the nervous system. During the session different planetary tuned gongs are used (such us Sun, Earth, Mercury, etc.) together with symphonic gongs with their harmonic and universal sound structure. The session begins with a short guided meditation to settle in, then the sounds of the instruments are gently invited to start sounding, gradually building the sound with a growing myriad of harmonics. Throughout the session there will be periods of other instruments and sounds, but the main focus is on the gongs and singing bowls.

Good to know:

Duration 75 minutes

Price €70,- individual session

€90,- for two persons; €120,- for three; €160 for four 

Provided by Nicoleta or Iulian


(group session)

The Gongbath is a powerful way to relax and de-stress the busy mind. You may have a very peaceful experience and feel re-energised and re-charged. Or you can go more deeply having profound healing experiences through visions of past life experiences. Or you can just sleep throughout the whole session.
A Gongbath lets your entire body relax, renew and rejuvenate. In turn, this leaves you feeling content, clear-headed, energetic and optimistic. 
Every gongbath is a personal experience depending on where you are on your journey through life, and the sounds produced are entirely right for that present moment.

Good to know:

Location and time varies

Price varies

Provided by Nicoleta or Iulian

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