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Body waxing with hot paraffin 

Waxing is a meticulous, effective method of safe and sanitary of removing unwanted hair in both large and small areas from the root of each hair follicle. There remains a variety of methods in which waxing may be performed on different areas of the human body, where unwanted hair can be successfully removed. 
Non-Strip Waxing (NO paper strips) also known as hard waxing is a melted wax which is applied with a spatula and then peeled off.  This waxing method is more suitable for sensitive areas providing a more painless waxing treatment.

A Full Brazilian is to remove all the hair from the labia and back side. A strip or a triangle in the front is possible, depending on your preference.

We apply a post-treatment organic oil to soothe the skin. Do not exfoliate your skin for two days after your waxing treatment. After the initial 48 hours post waxing, we encourage daily dry exfoliation to inhibit ingrown.

What are the benefits of waxing over shaving?
Waxing removes hair at the root, and after consistent waxing, the hair begins to grow in finer. Hair that is at least a quarter inch long when it’s waxed, normally won't begin to grow back for two weeks. When a person shaves it cuts the hair at a blunt angle causing stubble. Shaving does not pull the hair out at the root so the hair begins to grow back within hours. 


Waxing cannot be yet booked online. Please call or email for an appointment.

Prices waxing


Entire legs €40,-

Lower or upper legs €30,-

Brazilian €40,-

Entire back €25,-

Lower back €15,-

Entire arms €30,-

Armpits €10,-

Belly €15,-

Buttocks €15,-

Chest €15,-

Bikini line €30,-

Upper lip €5,-

Entire face €30,- 

Good to know

Prices are inclusive 21% vat.

In the studio you can pay by cash or bank transfer with your mobile phone app.

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